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Four Roses

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Four Roses, Kentucky Straight Bourbon (USA)
The Four Roses Bourbon brand dates back to the 1880s, but has only recently been introduced to the general UK market, following success in Japan and mainland Europe. The Four Roses distillery is situated in Lawrenceburg, Kentucky, and boasts a unique Spanish Mission-style of architecture rarely seen in the state. After many years in the hands of the old Seagram organisation of Canada, Four Roses has been owned by the Japanese Kirin Brewery Company since 2002. The original Four Roses offering, ?Yellow Label? is aged for five to six years, according to master distiller Jim Rutledge, and is a comparatively light-bodied Bourbon, with honey, burnt sugar and wood varnish on the nose. Water releases attractive orange and cream notes. Fresh fruits, spice and oak characterise the palate, while ginger nuts and drying oak figure in the medium finish. 40.0% ABV, 70cl, ?15.99, specialist whisky merchants.
Four Roses, Single Barrel Bourbon (USA)
Undoubtedly the star of the show, ?Single Barrel? offers a rich, complex nose, comprising malt, fruits, spices and fudge. Long and mellow in the mouth, with vanilla, oak, and a hint of menthol. The finish is long, spicy and decidedly mellow. 43.0% ABV, 70cl, ?28.99, specialist whisky merchants.
Four Roses, Small Batch Bourbon (USA)
The most recent addition to the Four Roses range, ?Small Batch? was launched in the USA at the Kentucky Bourbon Festival last September, and a second bottling run has been undertaken in order to meet demand and supply the UK market. ?It?s a unique combination of four original and proprietary Bourbons,? explains Jim Rutledge. ?We combine these four flavours to create a smooth and mellow Bourbon that is rich and spicy with fruity aromas. It?s perfect for an enjoyable time with friends or a relaxing night on the town.? Mild and refined on the nose, with nutmeg and restrained honey. Water releases delicate, toasty, floral notes. Bold and rich on the well-balanced palate, with spices, fruit and honey flavours. The finish is long and insinuating, with developing notes of vanilla. 45.0% ABV, 70cl, TBA, specialist whisky merchants.



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