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Glenglassaugh, The Spirit Drink that dare not speak its name

Not exactly the snappiest brand name you've ever heard, but then the Glenglassaugh Distillery Company Ltd is not allowed to use the distillery title on this bottling of 'new make' spirit.

The reference is to a quotation from Oscar Wilde, and serves as a tongue-in-cheek gesture to the legislation that only allows bottled pot still malt spirit less than three years old to be described as a 'Spirit Drink.'

Its release follows in the footsteps of Kilchoman, Tullibardine and St George's distillery in Norfolk, all of which have marketed new and/or very youthful spirit. The difference here is that the innovative Glenglassaugh product is based on the output from one single mash and just 8,160 bottles have been released.

According to company Managing Director Stuart Nickerson, "We felt it was an interesting concept to turn normal practice on its head and, for the new spirit, release a single mash rather than a single cask. We're excited by the result and we think this is a world first, offering the connoisseur and enthusiast a different insight into distilling practice and flavour development.

"We believe 'The Spirit Drink that dare not speak its name' offers something new to the market, and we are delighted to release this expression in acknowledgement of the interest aroused by Glenglassaugh's re-opening."
Glenglassaugh, The Spirit Drink (Scotland)
Glenglassaugh’s ‘Spirit Drink’ offers a slightly cereal-y nose of cream and summer meadows, while water teases out fresh fruits. Initially peppery and ‘upfront’ on the palate, pleasing, brittle toffee notes emerge with time, while dilution leaves an extremely drinkable, smooth, fruity dram with spicy overtones. The medium-length finish is sweet and spicy. Now all we need do is wait until the spirit currently being made at Glenglassaugh matures into whisky. Meanwhile, however, 'whisky-pages' is assured there will be more innovative releases from the revived Portsoy distillery in the months ahead. 50.0% ABV, 50cl, £30.00, specialist whisky merchants.

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