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Small Batch Irish

by Gavin D Smith, 09/06

Greenore Single Grain Small Batch Irish Whiskey is the latest release from Cooley, Ireland's only independent distiller. Cooley distillery is located close to the Irish border, near Dundalk, and has now been producing whiskey for the best part of two decades.

Single Grain whiskeys as a genre are very rare, as most grain whiskey is made specifically for blending, but a number of respected authorities consider the grain spirit distilled at Cooley to be particularly fine, and Greenore finally allows us all to make up our minds.

Greenore is matured for eight years in casks that were formerly filled with Bourbon, and each year a small batch of casks will be hand picked by Cooley's Master Blender. This will result in limited bottlings of varying ages being introduced over the next few years. The initial release of eight-year-old Greenore will be followed by a 10-, 16- and finally an 18-year-old. Production of each 'vintage' will be limited to 5,000 bottles, due to inventory constraints. Although distilled near Dundalk, Greenore, in common with the rest of the Cooley range, is matured in 200-year-old warehouses at the former Locke's distillery at Kilbeggan in County Westmeath.

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