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Teacher's Hot Toddy

by Gavin D Smith, 02/09

Well, the last of the snow has melted across the country - for now - but still time to indulge in a seasonal hot toddy courtesy of Teacher's blended Scotch whisky and award-winning barman Alistair Malcolm. They have combined forces to create the ultimate winter warmer. As a Scotsman and a whisky-lover Alistair took the age-old concept of a Hot Toddy, traditionally taken for 'medicinal' purposes, and created a classic winter drink - the Teacher's Hot Toddy.

Alistair says that "The full flavour profile of Teacher's, rounded, warming, with a silky texture and hints of pear, and oak, is perfect for making a really great Toddy. And the lingering smoky finish of Teacher's mixed with the apple juice, adds a wonderful extra dimension to the overall flavour - it's a spectacular result and absolutely perfect for a chilly winter's day or night."

With an impressive list of Scottish Bar awards under his belt, Alistair is currently assistant general manager at Lab Bar in London, part of the Match Group. 'I love Teacher's because its high percentage of malts means there is a richer, more full-bodied flavour that shines through in this Hot Toddy, without overpowering it," he says. "Teacher's gives the drink a more robust character whilst maintaining a smooth and very satisfying finish."

Teacher's Whisky Hot Toddy


50mls Teacher's Whisky
2 teaspoons vanilla sugar
1 pod of green cardamom
Pinch of cinnamon
2 wedges of lemon
1 wedge of orange
37.5mls pressed apple juice
Hot water


Add the cardamom, cinnamon and vanilla sugar to a heat proof glass and gently press the cardamom. Half fill the glass with boiling water then pour in the apple juice and whisky. Squeeze in the lemon and orange then gently stir until the sugar has dissolved then top up with boiling water. If preferred, strain off into a fresh glass and garnish with a cinnamon stick.

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